Criminal Reports

Criminal Reports

Criminal record reporting can be a confusing subject to those not familiar with the criminal justice system and how criminal records are processed. Generally speaking, state criminal records originate at the county level when arrested for a criminal offense. Information about the arrest and any resulting court action is subsequently transmitted to the respective state and federal criminal record repository.

While all criminal records in the United States are a matter of public record, not all criminal record repositories are open to the public. Many states simply do not permit public access to their respective record repositories.  Access to the federal criminal record repository (NCIC) is restricted to law enforcement agencies and certain businesses required or permitted by law to gain access. Additionally, many jurisdictions charge fees to access criminal records. Knowing how to gain access to the criminal records and whether fees are charged can add to the confusion surrounding criminal record reporting.

Federal criminal offenses are separate from state criminal records. Federal criminal records originate as a result of violations of federal laws.  These are prosecuted in the federal district court system. Federal criminal records are open to the public and available in all federal districts. The federal criminal record system is not the same as the NCIC and does not contain state and county criminal records.

We have many years of experience in the information retrieval industry and can access criminal record information in all counties throughout the country. Additionally, we provide statewide criminal record reports, as well as federal criminal records.

International criminal records present a different challenge. Each country has different laws governing criminal records, and not all countries permit access to their respective criminal record repositories. Often, depending upon the country in question, criminal record keeping may be suspect due to inaccuracies and missing information.

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