Insourcing Consultation

Insourcing Consultation

ELIMINATE BACKGROUND SCREENING COSTS - In these tough economic times it is essential to save money, if you can.

My name is ALAN SCOTT HAFT, I have been a LAWYER for over 30 years. In 1979 I invented the background industry when I first designed background screening programs for such companies as FEDERAL EXPRESS, and EQUIFAX.

It is 30 years later and everything has changed. There is no need to outsource your background screening when your department can be simply taught do much of it themselves. It has become a generic product as a result of technology. Everything you need to know about an applicant is available on the INTERNET, mostly for free, I will show you or any member of your team the gateway. It's that SIMPLE!

HOW TO START - We need to have a frank discussion about how much you spend a year, what investigative elements you require, and the demographics of your subjects. This information is the core component of how much MONEY WILL BE SAVED.


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