Background Screening Audits

Background Screening Audits

The integrity of your background screening program is YOUR responsibility. Unfortunately, the sheer number of companies now providing employment screening has adversely affected quality. Employment screening is an unregulated industry and Maximum Reports, Inc. can assist you in policing your screening provider and program through our dedicated consulting services.


The majority of companies using outside vendors to provide background checks have significant overcharges on their invoices that can be refunded. These overcharges appear each and every month and whether the result of inadvertence, negligence or fraud, your company may be entitled to a reimbursement. Speak with us confidentially about this entitlement.

Maximum Reports, Inc. provides an individualized analysis of your screening program to:

AUDIT your invoices to prevent double billing and unreasonable charges for government fees that your vendor passes on, but doesn't pay.

UNDERGO periodic visits to your provider's facility. What to look for. Who to talk with. What questions to ask.

DETERMINE the quality of the information, its sources, and accuracy.

INSTITUTE periodic testing of your provider. How often are records missed? How many times do false positives appear? How many times has developed information on a subject come back incomplete or inaccurate from your vendor?

TEACH you how to cosource background screening with your information provider.

FEES: Our low fees are structured to the size of your business and the amount of consulting time that is involved.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Contact Maximum Reports, Inc. for a free initial consultation.

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