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Custom Packages $44 & up

We can customize any package to your specific needs. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date and thorough information in the most cost effective manner for your organization.


Pre-Employement Screening

Need to hire someone but want to validate credentials or job history? Our Pre-Employement Screening can easily take care of that for you. By entering the details of the employee you are interested in, our report will return a comprehensive set of information for you to review.

Background Checks

Pre-Employment Background screening enable companies to evaluate job applicants. You can use background screenings to re-evaluate employees eligible for a promotion, or do background screenings for vendors, prospective business partners and other companies to base your selections on. The availability of information today has greatly reduced the cost of acquiring background information. The cost-effectiveness makes it easier for companies to conduct pre-employment background checks.

Adjudication Services

Adjudication is the process Tribal employers use to determine the suitability for employment and efficiencies for the PL 101-630 and Police Officer packages.

Employee Selection Solutions

Maximum Reports has twenty years experience in employment screening and we can help you effectively and inexpensively implement an employment screening program for your new hires, or your business.

Wholesale County Criminal

Our country criminal history search is the most comprehensive in the industry. We can provide all felony and misdemeanor information, even in counties where there are multiple lower courts for misdemeanors.

Package Information

Get additional details on some of our packages and services such as Statewide Criminal, Drivers History, Civil Records, and Federal Court Records.